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Keep updated on breaking Watershed News at the Friends of Euclid Creek facebook page at www.facebook.com/euclidcreekwatershed - you don't have to be a Facebook member to see the website and it is updated weekly if not daily. 


Public Hearing Announced on Cuyahoga Dredge Disposal Proposal in Lake Erie: Important meeting on Lake Erie Coming Soon: Ohio EPA is hosting a public hearing on March 6 at 4:30pm at the Martin Luther King Jr. Branch of the Cleveland Public Library (1962 Stokes Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio, 44106) to discuss the Army Corps proposal to dispose of 180,000 cubic yards of dredge sediment from the Cuyahoga River navigation channel to a new open lake disposal area. Currently this sediment is being disposed of in Confined Disposal Facilities. Click here for the public hearing notice and click here to see the Army Corps application information [posted 01/28/14].


NEORSD Stormwater Program Update: "Late Thursday, the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals ruled against the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in finding that, among other things, the Sewer District does not have the authority under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 6119 or its Charter to enact and implement the Regional Stormwater Management Program under Title V, or to collect its stormwater fee.  As a result of this ruling, the Sewer District is suspending Regional Stormwater Management Program activities and the collection of stormwater fees for the program while the District pursues an appeal of the Court's ruling to the Ohio Supreme Court...  "  For more information, click here [posted 10/15/13].


Celebration planned for completed wetland restoration project at Wildwood Park: "Wildwood Park, at East 174th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard, hosts a celebration of its recently completed wetland restoration project Wednesday, July 10 from 5 to 7 pm...  "  For the full Cleveland.com, click here [posted 7/1/13].


Cleveland Metroparks, State of Ohio deal means new management, new vision for lakefront parks (videos, photo gallery): "The Cleveland Metroparks will take over management of Cleveland's lakefront parks, with big ideas about how to upgrade the facilities for visitors... "  For the full Cleveland.com article, click here [posted 6/6/13].


Cleveland Metroparks' Acacia, a former country club, on the path to natural splendor as reservation: "The Cleveland Metroparks will attempt what few have undertaken before as the park system converts the former Acacia Country Club into its newest reservation..."  For the full Cleveland.com article, click here [posted 5/29/13].


Friends of Euclid Creek helping things run smoothly: "As rainwater runs quickly into a stream, without being allowed time to percolate through grasses or soil, it takes with it the fertilizer, oil, salt and other materials that are on the concrete or manicured lawns of residential areas..."  For the full News Herald article, click here [posted 5/17/13].


Restoring Euclid Creek: "Wetlands play an important role in the health of an ecosystem-they provide habitat for fish and birds and other biodiversity, and they help filter out pollutants from waterways.  Many wetlands have disappeared in Northeast Ohio.  But one area is getting a leg up: Euclid Creek.  there's a federally-funded, $1 million dollar restoration project there in its final stages, and ideastream's Anne Glausser went to check it out."  The National Public Radio story aired on ideastream on 5/15/13 - for story and slide show click here [posted 5/17/13].


Scotts drops phosphorus from lawn fertilizer: "The Columbus Dispatch reported on May 14 that Scotts Miracle-Gro is removing phosphorus from the Turf Builder line of lawn fertilizers to help address nutrient pollution that has led to toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie and other water bodies."  For the full Columbus Dispatch, click here [posted 5/14/13].


New iPhone App for Tracking Invasive Species near the Great Lakes: "Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a new iPhone app for people to help track the presence of invasive species near the Great Lakes. ideastream’s Anne Glausser has more."  The story is here [posted 4/25/13].


Record-sized Lake Erie algae bloom of 2011 may become regular occurrence, study says: "The record-shattering glut of toxic algae that fouled much of Lake Erie in 2011 wasn't a fluke, but a sign of what's likely ahead for the troubled lake, researchers say.  A combination of weather extremes and long-standing farming practices that unwittingly aid algae growth spawned the 2011 mega-bloom, a team of Midwest scientists who spent months examining the phenomenon reported Monday..."  For the full Cleveland.com article, click here [posted 4/3/13].


Friends of Euclid Creek seeks donations to protect sensitive properties: "The Friends of Euclid Creek are seeking donations for a pair of conservation purchases that will help preserve water quality in the Euclid Creek watershed.  Donations can be made online or by sending a check, "earmarked" for the land conservation campaign, to Friends of Euclid Creek, P.O. Box 21384, South Euclid, Ohio 44121.  FOEC is working with partners from the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District and the West Creek Preservation Committee to permanently protect two streamside properties totaling 20 acres, in Richmond Heights and Highland Heights.  ..."  For the full Cleveland.com article, click here [posted 4/2/13].


Acacia Reservation in Lyndhurst is taking shape: "The former Acacia Country Club at Cedar and Richmond roads in Lyndhurst is now a part of the Cleveland Metproarks and work will soon begin on a restoration plan for the property.  The good news is that local and regional ecological experts are working together to create the most effective restoration plan for Acacia.  At a meeting earlier this month in Lyndhurst, approximately 85 people were on hand, including members of Friends of Euclid Creek, Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District, Cleveland Metroparks and professors from Case Western Reserve, Cleveland State and Kent State universities..." The story is here [posted 3/23/13].


Spring Rain, Then Foul Algae in Ailing Lake Erie: "For those who live and play on the shores of Lake Erie, the spring rains that will begin falling here soon are less a blessing than a portent.  They could threaten the very future of the lake itself.  Lake Erie is sick.  A thick and growing coast of toxic algae appears each summer, so vast that in 2011 it covered a sixth of its waters, contributing to an expanding dead zone on its bottom, reducing fish populations, fouling beaches and crippling a tourism industry that generates more than $10 billion in revenue annually..."  For the full New York Times, click here [posted 3/18/13].


After a decade of dreams, what's the future for Eastside Greenway?: "Fourteen communities on Cleveland's east side share a boundary and the distinction of being in the Eastside Greenway, a proposed network of parks and districts linked by greenspace and bike infrastructure.  But to the cyclist cruising from Glenville to North Chagrin Reservation or the suburban runner training for a marathon, the communities may as well be one.  Great greenway networks know no borders-they weave through and unite..."  For the full GreenCityBlueLake article, click here [posted 3/13/13].


Friends of Euclid Creek seeks donations to protect sensitive properties: "The Friends of Euclid Creek are seeking donations for a pair of conservation purchases that will help preserve water quality in the Euclid Creek Watershed.  Donations can be made online or by sending a check, "earmarked" for the land conservation campaign, to Friends of Euclid Creek, P.O. Box 21384, South Euclid, OH 44121 ..."  For the full Plain Dealer article and info. about open house, click here [posted 3/7/13].


Cuyahoga County Airport's proposed runway expansion is met with approval: "Plans to expand and improve the runway at the Cuyahoga County Airport are proceeding in a new era of friendly relations between the county and the facility's neighbors.  An environmental assessment to determine the feasibility of adding 400 feet to the runway while keeping the airport within its 640-acre confines in Richmond Heights began in December..."  For the full Plain Dealer article and info. about open house, click here [posted 2/17/13].


Governor recommends Cleveland regain control of Cleveland Lakefront State Park: "A proposal in the Ohio House would return control of Cleveland Lakefront State Park, a string of six parks along the lakeshore beset with maintenance and crime problems, to the city of Cleveland.  The provision, in a House transportation bill introduced Tuesday, makes no mention of the Cleveland Metrpoarks, which has long been regarded as the likely manager of the parks should they return to local control... "  For the full Plain Dealer article, click here [posted 2/6/13].


More conservation needed, report finds: "Northern Ohio needs to do more to boost land conservation efforts, according to a new report.  About 7 percent of the land in 14 counties in Northeast Ohio, some 295,000 acres, has been preserved as green space, but more needs to be done, say the report from Western Reserve Land Conservancy..."  For the full Plain Dealer article, click here [posted 2/5/13].


Trees and Human Health May Be Linked: "Evidence is increasing from multiple scientific fields that exposure to the natural environment can improve human health.  In a new study by the U.S. Forest Service, the presence of trees was associated with human health..."  For the full ScienceDaily story, click here [posted 1/16/13].


Algae, fish invaders make Lake Erie one of most threatened of Great Lakes: "A new report says Lake Erie is one of the most threatened of the five Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping project concluded that Lake Erie was the second-most threatened of the lakes, behind Ontario.  That's because of toxic blue-green algae and invading species of fish, mussels and plants.."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 1/8/13].


Record levels of plastic pollution found in Lake Erie: "Water samples taken this summer from Lake Erie contained more plastic pollution than any oceanic sample on record, researchers said.  Sherri "Sam" Mason, a professor at the State University of New York at Fredonia who led the first-ever Great Lakes plastic pollution survey in July, found Lake Erie teeming with plastic pieces..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 12/30/12].


Preservation, rather than home building, may be in store for Highland Heights wetlands: "It looks as if, at least for now, that new homes will not be a part of the wetlands property on Bishop Road, south of Hawthorne Drive.  A crowd of about two dozen people attended the Nov. 26 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission to hear the outcome of a motion made by Janik Investments seeding a variance to allow for a cul-de-sac street at the 12-acre site.  Planned were 11 homes... "  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 11/30/12].


Cleveland Metroparks close to lakefront takeover: "The Cleveland Metroparks almost certainly will take over state-run parks on the lakefront. The question is when? The likely answer is as early as next year.  General chatter about a management change on the lakefront is often accompanied by criticism of the paltry police protection and maintenance by the state.  The Metroparks, meanwhile, has been moving methodically toward the lake as it seeks to connect the Towpath Trail that follows the river with Wendy Park on the lakeshore.  Ultimately, a trail system would link the parks and complete the Emerald Necklace..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 11/17/12].

Mammoth boring machine making progress on Euclid Creek Tunnel project: "One of the largest tunnel-boring machines in the United States has chewed up about 200 feet of shale so far, hundreds of feet below ground near the Lake Erie shore, in an environmental cleanup journey that will take it many miles.  The cutting machine was idle on Thursday, which allowed the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to herd visitors into a steel cage and lower them by crane down a giant-sized mining shaft to show off the beginnings of the $198 million Euclid Creek Tunnel..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 9/28/12].

Euclid Creek Tunnel project creeps toward Lake Erie: "The four men standing at the bottom of the 200 foot shaft (and one on a ladder) are barely visible, dwarfed by the enormity of the Euclid Creek Tunnel project as East 140th in Bratenahl.  Down in the tunnel, a borer, the second largest machine in the US, chews into hte shale, which is removed by conveyor belt, as the tunnel slowly creeps toward Lake Erie..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 9/27/12].

Cleveland Metroparks accepts Acacia Country Club property to develop as park land: "the Cleveland Metroparks three commissioners voted Thursday morning to take over Acacia Country Club in Lyndhurst to convert it into a public park.  shareholders of the club voted early last month to sell the 87-year-old course to the Conservation Fund..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 10/11/12].

Cleveland Metroparks could accept donation of Acacia Country Club from the Conservation Fund: "The Cleveland Metroparks could take ownership of the Acacia Country Club in Lyndhurst, under a potential deal between the parks system and a conservation group set to buy the land in December.  Metroparks officials said Friday that they are considering a donation offer from the Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit group based in Arlington, Va. the 160-acre golf course would be one of the largest donations, by acreage and value, in the history of the Metroparks system..." For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [posted 9/28/12].

Acacia Country Club approves sale to conservation group, with 77 percent of shares in favor of deal: "Shareholders at Acacia Country Club agreed Thursday night to sell their 160-acre property to a conservation group, ending speculation about the future of the 87-year -old golf course.  At a closed-door meeting, members holding 77 percent of the private club's shares voted in favor of a $14.75 million deal with the Conservation Fund, a nonprofit group based in Arlington, VA...."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [updated 9/7/12].

City of Lyndhurst makes purchase offer of $16 million for Acacia Country Club property; would partner with a developer: " The city has countered an offer made last week by the Conservation Fund to purchase Acacia Country Club, offering $16 million for the 160-acre property bordered by Cedar and Richmond roads.  A week ago, the Conservation Fund, a nonprofit organization based in Virginia, offered $14.75 million for the country club.  The Acacia board is expected to vote on the Conservation Fund offer Sept. 6.  If that offer is accepted, the Conservation Fund plans to keep the property a greenspace..." For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [updated 8/22/12].

Conservation Fund offers $14.75 million to buy, preserve Acacia Country Club land in Lyndhurst: "A nonprofit conservation group is chasing Acacia Country Club, a 160-acre swath of open space that has kept developers salivating for decades.  Shareholders at the private club are considering yet another deal to sell their land, a high-profile golf course property in Lyndhurst.  But for the first time, the world-be buyer isn't a real estate developer or corporation..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [updated 8/17/12].

Restoration of wetlands, stream underway at Cleveland's Wildwood State Park: "Tuesday evening's open house at Wildwood State Park presented goals and challenges involved in restoring wetlands and stream meanders near the mouth of Euclid Creek.  The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District hosted the open house and around 40 persons, many involved with the project, attended.  The project aims to establish a 2.5-acre wetland as well as several pocket wetlands nearer the lake shore.  As part of the restoration effort, Euclid Creek will be returned to its original streambed..." For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [updated 8/31/12].

Wildwood Wetland and Stream Restoration Project on Euclid Creek - Construction Open House: "Please join the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District, our project partners and consultants at an open house to see construction progress at the stream and wetland restoration project along Euclid Creek in Wildwood State Park. The open house will be held on Tuesday, August 28, from 5:30-7:00pm at Wildwood State Park at E. 174th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard in Cleveland. Meet at the wooden Picnic Pavilion behind the orange fencing (open just for our event) – over the bridge and to the right.  This open house will include a brief presentation on the project goals and construction status, followed by a question and answer session. The $1.4 million project is funded through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, administered through the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Click here for flyer.  [updated 8/17/12].

Residents criticize plan to move South Euclid-Lyndhurst library from historic mansion: "Some residents in South Euclid and Lyndhurst are criticizing a plan that would move the library out of a historic mansion on Mayfield Road to a new building on Green Road..."  For the full Cleveland.com story, click here [updated 8/04/12].

My Ohio: Concrete allows rain to soak through, sidesteps need for sewers to take away water - Cleveland sewer headquarters tries new pavement: "There are more the 1,400 miles of sewer lines criss-crossing in the world below the surface of Cleveland. The rain that falls finds its way to street catch basins, which gulp in the water bound for sewer lines that take the rain to Lake Erie.
However, there could be a cost savings if the concrete pavement actually were able to soak up the rainwater instantly, allowing it to soak into the soil below. That prospect excites
Rachid Zoghaib, commissioner of Cleveland Water Pollution Control, the service that maintains Cleveland's sewer lines.
As part of an experiment, Zoghaib's group has laid a patch of
pervious concrete half the size of a football field. Resembling a cake of Rice Krispies cereal, this concrete is porous enough to allow water to flow through. There is no need for sewer lines to take away the rainwater that falls on this part of the Water Pollution Control's parking lot. The water vanishes as soon as it hits the pervious concrete...." 
For the full News 5 Leon Bibb story or to see the video demonstrating the permeable concrete in action, click here [updated July 19, 2012]

More options for free CFL disposal: "Compact fluorescent lightbulbs, those squiggly, energy-efficient lights otherwise known as CFLs, contain mercury and should alwasy be properly recycled. Retailers like Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement, and TrueValue Hardware offer free disposal of CFLs. The U.S. EPA website has comprehensive information about CFLs which includes a list of recycling programs."...  This is a Cuyahoga Solid Waste District news update from their Talking Trash May 30th, 2012 publication [updated June 1, 2012]

With the County Land Bank's Help, South Euclid Gets Greener: "After rehabbing five long-vacant homes as part of the City's Green Neighborhood Initiative, South Euclid just might be the greenest place in Greater Cleveland..."...  For full County Land Bank article, click here [updated May 24, 2012]

Euclid Creek Wildflowers, with Barb Holtz: "On May 1, 2012, the Friends of Euclid Creek held their monthly meeting at the Cleveland Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation.  Some 20 members and visitors attended. As the main attraction, Ms. Barb Holtz led the group on a spring wildflower hike."...  For full Bluestone Heights article, click here [updated May 8, 2012]

Highland Heights-Bass Energy may have settlement in $7-million gas well drilling suit against the city: "A proposed settlement has been reached in the gas well lawsuit brought by Bass Energy against the city.  Mayor Scott Coleman said the proposed settlement figure is $600,000, less than 10 percent of the $7-million figure for which Bass sued the city.  Bass was claiming damages for not being allowed to drill two gas wells in the Highland Heights Community Park..."  For full Cleveland.com article, click here [updated April 30, 2012]

Green Dream Sees Biggest Crowd Yet: "This year's Green Dream eco-friendly business expo looks to be the biggest ever.  Beachwood High School student Courtney Fishman was counting attendees for just two hours at the beginning of the event and said she saw 1,500 people - and there were four hours to go.  More exhibitors - 133 - were there than ever before, and the outdoor health and wellness tent was expanded by 60 feet to hold the extra vendors.  Six food trucks lined up outside, forming a food court..."  For full Beachwood Patch article, click here [updated April 23, 2012]

Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in Water Published: "EPA has published a table of human health benchmarks for approximately 350 pesticides to enable states, water systems and the public to better determine whether the detection of a pesticide in drinking water or source waters for drinking water may indicate a potential health risk. Advanced testing methods now allow pesticides to be detected in water at very low levels. These small amounts of pesticides detected in drinking water or source water for drinking water do not necessarily indicate a health risk.  Concentrations of pesticides in drinking water that have the potential for cancer risk are not currently included in the human health benchmarks for pesticides table. EPA intends to include these concentrations later. The table includes pesticide active ingredients for which health advisories or enforceable National Primary Drinking Water Regulations have not been developed.  EPA intends to update its online table of human health benchmarks for pesticides annually to ensure that the best available science is accessible to the public. For full US EPA website, click here [updated April 17, 2012]

Cuyahoga County Council approves anti-pesticide legislation: "Cuyahoga County Council has limited the use of chemical pesticides and weed killers on county property.  The restrictions, which Council passed Tuesday, will apply to the county's 66 buildings, their lawns and the wide swaths of open space at Whiskey Island and the Cuyahoga County Airport..."  For full Cleveland.com article, click here [updated April 11, 2012]

Request for Proposals for Construction Oversight Services for the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga AOC Project Withdrawn, and Request for Qualifications Issued: The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District (CSWCD) is withdrawing its Request for Proposals issued on March 23, 2012 for construction oversight services in connection with the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga AOC wetland and stream restoration project that is being funded through a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Assistance Agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). In its place, CSWCD seeks statements of qualifications to contract for construction oversight services in connection with the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga AOC project. Copies of the RFQ are available on request from Claire Posius, 216-524-6580 Ext 16, or may be viewed at http://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/. Statements of qualifications must be submitted to Claire Posius, Cuyahoga SWCD, 6100 West Canal Road, Valley View, Ohio 44125 no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on April 24, 2012.  For details and to download the RFP click here an scroll to the bottom of the page.  [updated 4/7/12]

        Addendum 1 - Issued April 17, 2012      

Request for Proposals for Construction Oversight Services for the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga AOC Project Issued:  Cuyahoga SWCD is seeking a consultant to provide construction oversight professional services for the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga AOC Wetland and Stream Restoration Project. This project is funded by a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant that is being administered through an Assistance Agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

Cuyahoga SWCD has hired a Design/Build Team to perform the wetland and stream restoration work. The Construction Oversight Consultant (COC) will work closely with the Design/Build Team and Cuyahoga SWCD staff throughout the scope of the project to ensure its successful completion.

The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District issued the RFP for the design/build portion of the project on March  23, 2012.  Proposals are due April 13, 2012 at 4:00 pm.  For details and to download the RFP click here an scroll to the bottom of the page.  [updated 3/23/12]

Ohio streams slightly cleaner in 2011: "Ohio rivers and streams are getting cleaner, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says in a new draft report, but the improvement from 2010 to 2011 was minimal.  The state's 1,538 watersheds showed a 1 percentage-point improvement - from 56.7 to 57.7 percent - in meeting water-quality standards..."  For full Akron Beacon Journal article, click here [updated January 9, 2012]

Politifact Ohio looks into Cleveland Councilman Polensek statement that sewage treatment system amounts to mistreatment of Lake Erie: Cleveland Councilman Mike Polensek stated on November 18th that "We're worse than a Third World country in terms of water quality and the way we treat our sewage" at a Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Meeting on an EPA settlement that could triple sewer rates.  Politifact looked into this statement to see if there is truth to his comparison...  For full Politifact.com article, click here [updated January 9, 2012]

Lake Erie Toxic Algae Bloom Seen as Worst in Decades: "Lake Erie 2011 is going down in the history books as the worst year for excess algae in decades -maybe ever.  The algae was so bad that boat motors were slowed while driving through the algae.  This was happening east of Lake Erie's islands and into Canada in open water eight miles or more from shore.  The algae went all the way past Cleveland to nearly Pennsylvania on Lake Erie's southern shore and east to Pelee Island in Ontario..."  For full EcoWatch article, click here [updated January 9, 2012]

Friends of Euclid Creek works to keep watershed healthy: "For 10 years, Friends of Euclid Creek has worked to alert the public to watershed protection issues through programs, events, work days and informational media.  Frank Skala, charter member and current president of FOEC, explains, "our purpose is to help educate the public as to how the watershed works..."  For full Cleveland.Com article, click here [updated December 19, 2011]

Old News (1941): One Hundred Attend Tree Planting at Our Own Plot in Euclid Creek Metropolitan Park : "This time of the year 60 years ago, one hundred students from Collinwood High School worked with William Stinchcomb (founder of Cleveland Metroparks) on a tree-planting project in Euclid Creek Reservation. They planted 14 oak, elm and maple trees in a special plot reserved for the high school. This is the original newspaper article from the Plain Dealer highlighting the event.  The legacy of volunteering continues on through today with a multitude of different opportunities to volunteer.  If you or your groups are interested in volunteering with Cleveland Metroparks, please visit our volunteering homepage for more information: http://www.clemetparks.com/volunteer/index.asp..."  For 1941 Collinwood Spot Light article, click here [updated November 1, 2011]

Photography contest highlights the beauty of Euclid Creek: "The Friends of Euclid Creek will crown winners of its second annual photography contest at 6:30pm today in the South Euclid Community Center.  Dozens of images from beauty spots within the 11-community watershed will be on display.  The public is invited to attend this free event."...  For full Plain Dealer article, click here [updated October 31, 2011]

Archaeologist traces natural and human history of Euclid Creek: "Roy Larick hopes to find a balance between various human and natural elements that shape local landscapes.  Around 60 people crowded the Shore Room of the Euclid Library last Thursday to hear Larick discuss ongoing efforts to track environmental and historical forces that created the contemporary landscape of Euclid Creek..."  For full Plain Dealer article, click here [updated October 31, 2011]

Euclid City Hall and Library go Green with a state-of-the-art solar panel project: "Euclid City Hall and Euclid Public Library have partnered to install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the buildings' rooftops in one of the largest joint public projects in the State of Ohio.  The solar panels will help meet the electrical needs of City Hall and the Library..."  For full Plain Dealer article, click here [updated October 31, 2011]

Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District implements year-round waste disposal program: "City service departments in Cuyahoga County are accepting household hazardous waste year-round for the first time under a new program.  The county Solid Waste Management District started the program in April..."  For full Plain Dealer article, click here [updated October 18, 2011]

Heavily urbanized Euclid Creek soon to be restored to a more natural state: "Over the course of more than a century, Euclid Creek has been straightened, hemmed in with stone and concrete, buried in culverts beneath the city, used as a drainage ditch and sewage outlet and subjected to runoff laced with chemicals and other pollutants.  Today, however, local groups and citizens are laboring to reverse decades of damage to this significant Lake Erie tributary..."  For full Plain Dealer article, click here [updated August 31, 2011]

Suburbia's Deer Problem on NPR: "Deer are mating like rabbits in Ohio. At least 750,000 populate the state, outstripping the natural resources needed in some areas to sustain them.  And the danger of deer-car collisions increases as the herd grows.  The debate over how to cull the herd rages on, with the city of Solon now a focal point as the city again turns to hunting while residents go to the ballot to outlaw it."  Guests: William Russo, Solon city councilman; John Nolan, SolonDeer.org; John Mack, Chief of Natural Resources, Cleveland Metroparks.  For full broadcast, click here [updated August 22, 2011]

All CVS locations now recycle expired medicine: "CVS pharmacy announced that all 7,200 of its locations now offer the Sharps Compliance Inc. medication disposal system, which allows customers to dispose unused or expired medication.  The postage-paid envelopes cost $3.99 each and allow customers to mail their unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications to Sharp Compliance’s Texas facility for disposal. The system was previously in many CVS pharmacy locations, but it has now been expanded to all facilities.  Controlled substances are excluded from the program".  For full press release, click here [updated August 22, 2011]

Mayfield Village Secures EPA Grant for Wiley Park Renovation: "The Ohio EPA has awarded a $184,429 innovative storm water improvement project grant to the village for renovation of Wiley Park into a storm water friendly zone...." For full Sun Messenger article, click here [updated June 20, 2011]

Big and Small: Beachwood's Going Green: "From big organizations to groups of high school kids, members of the Beachwood community are going green.  Get inspired by their stories, and learn more about what you can do..."  For full Beachwood Patch article, click here [updated 4/30/11]

Green Lawns Without Chemicals: "We Americans spend more money, use more water and spray more chemicals on our lawns and gardens -- that we do to grow our food.  Is there a better way?" click here to download NPR show [4/28/11]

Video: Euclid Creek Watershed: For Earth Month, Nick Rock of the Beachwood Patch interviewed Claire Posius about the Euclid Creek Watershed at Euclid Creek Reservation.  click here to see video [updated 4/16/11]

Addition by Subtraction for Euclid Creek Watershed: "Work on the Euclid Creek East Branch Dam removal and stream restoration project began in October 2010 after five years of planning and gathering funding...."  click here to see Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace article, page 3 [updated 3/23/11]

Cuyahoga SWCD announces internship for Euclid Creek Watershed Program: "Cuyahoga SWCD is pleased to announce the availability of one part-time internship position available from mid-March through September of 2011 to work with the Euclid Creek Watershed Program.  If you know of students or recent grads interested in watersheds, natural resources, or the environment, please pass along this internship announcement!  Applications are due February 23, 2011."  Click here for more information.  [updated 2/9/11]

Deep underground Cleveland tunnel, including segment under Lake Erie, will cost $198 million, but help clean up pollution: "Sometime this spring, contractors near the Bratenahl-Cleveland border will begin digging a mammoth new hole for a sewer pipe that will be built 200 feet underground -- and run under Lake Erie for more than half a mile..."  Read more about the Euclid Creek Tunnel Project by clicking here for the full Plain Dealer article..  [updated 2/7/11]

Dam removal in Cleveland Metro Area Opens Fish Passage: "The Euclid Creek East Branch Dam in Cuyahoga County, Ohio was successfully removed this past December, restoring stream flow for the first time since the dam was constructed in the early 1930s. The project was the first of six dam removal projects identified in the watershed to be removed in the Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan, endorsed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio EPA in 2006. Financial assistance for the project was provided through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Fish Passage Program (NFPP), and through other Federal and State funding..."  Read the full US Fish and Wildlife Service article and to view the narrated slideshow of construction here [updated 1/21/11]

Euclid Creek dam removed to improve water quality - But that's one down and five to go: "News of another dam coming down in any one of Ohio's hundreds of streams is practically intoxicating for water quality proponents.  So they're partying now up on Euclid Creek - although in moderation..."  Read the full Plain Dealer article and watch the video here [updated 12/30/10]

Work under way to remove a Euclid Creek dam dating back to 1933: "Euclid Creek's water flow soon will pick up some speed as one of several dams located on the stream is being dismantled..."  Read the full News Herald article here [updated 11/30/10]

Several Eastern Suburbs Join Consortium to Save on Recycling Costs: "The Solid Waste District recently aided 12 local communities in forming a recycling consortium Lyndhurst, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, South Euclid, Moreland Hills, Independence, Seven Hills, Warrensville Heights and Woodmere Village have joined together to form a pool of about 60,000 households.  Collectively, these communities will generate a larger amount of recyclables that can be sold for revenue. The recyclables will be sold to Kimble Co. of Twinsburg for about $20 per ton, which also prevents them from having to pay disposal fees for the materials. The communities hope to increase awareness and participation through this new program." From Cuyahoga Solid Waste District's Talking Trash publication [updated 11/16/10]

Euclid Creek's First Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Project Starts!  Read about the Euclid Creek East Branch Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Project on the Project Website for more information about this exciting project and to see photos of construction.  Construction started on October 18, 2010.  [updated 11/16/10]

Request for Proposals for the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga AOC Project Issued!  The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District issued the RFP for the design/build portion of the project on October 30, 2010.  Proposals are due December 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm.  For details and to download the RFP click here [updated 10/30/10]

Euclid Creek Receives Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Funds!  The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District is thrilled to announce that we applied for and were awarded $1,396,050 from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to fund the Lacustrine Refuge in the Cuyahoga Area of Concern (AOC) project.  Read more about the project here [updated 9/23/10]

Congratulations Friends of Euclid Creek for winning the Ohio Lake Erie Commission's 2010 Ohio Lake Erie Award! Read the news release here [updated 9/23/10]

Groups join forces to clean up and have fun at Cleveland's Euclid Beach: Read about the Euclid Adopt-A-Beach and Arts Collinwood beach cleanup and sand castle festival here [updated 7/22/10]

Euclid Creek 'Lacustrine Refuge' proposal selected as Finalist for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding!  Click here to see full announcement. [updated 6/3/10]

Learning from the deep history of the Bluestone Heights: "Some of the region's most interesting bioregional investigations are being led by citizen scientists using new Web-based tools. They are uncovering geological features that have been covered up by modern civilization — and reasons for early human settlement patterns that have been lost to history..."  Click here to see full particle. [updated 5/27/10]

Oil spill from a gas well in Pepper Pike pollutes stream (in Chagrin River Watershed): "An oil spill was found Sunday, May 2 in a stream by Lander Circle and Pinetree Road..."  Click here to see full particle. [updated 5/05/10]

Road salt on highways saves lives, but may ruin urban streams, federal study says: "Heavily salting snow-covered highways clearly makes winter driving safer for us, but it also threatens the lives of aquatic plants and animals, federal researchers say in a new report."  Click here to see full press release. [updated 2/26/10]

  • Euclid Creek Watershed communities pass 'sensible salting practices' resolutions applauded by Ohio EPA: To see letter click here.

  • Among the Watershed communities to formally pass the resolutions in 2008 were Lyndhurst, Mayfield Village and South Euclid (South Euclid resolution); and communities that support the resolution are Richmond Heights and Highland Heights.

  • Encourage your community to pass a resolution or to support decreasing salt use in their every day practice!

Demonstration Wind Turbine Project to be Built at the Euclid, Ohio World Headquarters Campus: "The City of Euclid's Going Green initiative took another major step forward with the State Energy Program grant award announcement today by Governor Ted Strickland at the Lincoln Electric Company. Lincoln was awarded a $1M grant funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s State Energy Program...  According to Mayor Bill Cervenik, "Lincoln officials indicated that the turbine would also generate about 10% of their annual electric demand and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."  Click here to see full press release. [updated 12/1/09]

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Request for Proposals released!  "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson today announced the release of a request for proposals (RFP) under President Obama’s historic Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The RFP released today invites partner Agencies, stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and other eligible organizations working on Great Lakes restoration to present EPA with ideas and projects to protect and restore this national treasure. EPA, through the Great Lakes National Program Office is seeking applications from a diverse group of participants and partnerships to support the goals of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative..."  The RFP is available here. [updated 11/24/09]

Two Richmond Heights sewer projects in Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District pipeline: "Two projects are on the list right now: expanding the existing detention basin near Geraldine Avenue downstream from Richmond Town Square to deal with surface and basement flooding in the area and potential stream restoration of the East Branch of Euclid Creek near City Park to deal with flooding and erosion.Click here to see full article.. [updated 11/20/09]

Ohio Watershed Coordinator Grant Program - 2008 Annual Report:  Click here to see what Watershed Coordinator's did last year in northeast Ohio and state-wide. [updated 9/1/09]

Filling of Wetlands Continues as Developers Protest Proposed Rules: "More than 477 acres have been covered since plan stalled in 2006..."  Click here for full article.  [updated 8/31/09]

Beachwood studies rain barrel legislation: "Beachwood City Council is considering legislation that would govern rain collection and storage barrels." Click here for full article.  [updated 8/8/09]

Chicago Bans 14 Invasive Plants:  Click here for full article.  [updated 6/23/09]

Annual Vacation Beach Water Quality Report Documents Ohio's Beach Health Advisories: For Press Release click here, local article click here, and for full report click here [updated 7/29/09].

U.S. EPA commends Cuyahoga cleanup -- but won't take river off list of polluted waters: Click here for full article.  [updated 6/23/09]

It's a far healthier Cuyahoga River than the one that burned in 1969: "Oil, chemicals, and floating debris on the surface of the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969. It wasn't the first time the river burned. But it set in motion a change in the public's attitude about the environment and affected legislation that followed." Click here for full article.  [updated 6/23/09]

For more articles on the Cuyahoga River and the 2009 Year of the River celebration: Click here.

$475 Million Great Lakes Restoration initiative in President's FY2010 Budget: "The President's 2010 Budget Outline provides $475 million in the Environmental Protection Agency's budget for a new EPA-led, interagency Great Lakes restoration initiative, which will target the most significant problems in the region, including invasive aquatic species, non-point source pollution, and contaminated sediment." Click here for full article.  [updated 5/18/09]

271 Million Pounds of Pharmaceuticals In Our Water: "Last year, the AP reported that trace amounts of a wide range of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in American drinking water supplies. Including recent findings in Dallas, Cleveland and Maryland's Prince George's and Montgomery counties, pharmaceuticals have been detected in the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans...  Most cities and water providers still do not test. Some scientists say that wherever researchers look, they will find pharma-tainted water...  Consumers are considered the biggest contributors to the contamination. We consume drugs, then excrete what our bodies don't absorb. Other times, we flush unused drugs down toilets. The AP also found that an estimated 250 million pounds of pharmaceuticals and contaminated packaging are thrown away each year by hospitals and long-term care facilities."  For full article click here [updated 5/5/09]

Friends of Euclid Creek have created a new BLOG website: To view this website and to find out what the Friends of Euclid Creek group is up to click here [updated 4/8/09]

U.S. Sen. George Voinovich calls for nationwide ban on phosphates in dishwasher detergent: "Ohio's Republican U.S. senator, George Voinovich, joined a Michigan Democrat, Sen. Carl Levin, in calling for a nationwide ban on phosphates in dishwasher detergent. They said their bill, introduced Tuesday, would protect aquatic life in the Great Lakes."  Click here for full Plain Dealer article.  [updated 4/7/09]

Goose droppings might be raising bacteria levels in Northeast Ohio waterways:  "Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District have been trying for years to determine whether goose droppings might be to blame for exceedingly high bacteria counts at the twin beaches of Euclid Creek/Villa Angela near the border of Cleveland and Euclid."  Click here for full Plain Dealer article.  [updated 3/23/09]


Euclid Councilwoman rallies for residents' to use rain barrels: "Ward 4 Councilwoman Mary Jo Minarik is leading a charge to encourage Euclid residents to place rain barrels in their yards this year."  Click here for full Euclid Sun Journal article.  [updated 3/11/09]


Water:  Bottlers use 2,000 times the energy than tap, study says: A think tank based in Oakland, Calif., thinks you should go with tap.  A study published in the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters this month says the bottled-water supply chain in the United States consumes as much as 2,000 times more energy than traditional tap-water production.  Click here for full article.   [updated 2/26/09]


Economic damages from nutrient pollution create a “toxic debt”: a U.S. analysis of nutrient pollution in freshwater reveals annual losses of at least $4 billion, mostly from dips in lakefront property values and loss of recreational use.  Read full article here[updated 1/7/09]

Climate Change Threatens Ohio's Environment and Economy: a report prepared by Environment Ohio warns that ignoring climate change could cost Ohio billions in revenue and almost 2 million in jobs.  Read full article here here[updated 12/18/08]


Trace amounts of pharmaceuticals found locally at Tinkers Creek: Trace amounts of many medicines, such as antibiotics, prescription and non prescription pharmaceuticals were found in trace amounts in Tinkers Creek. (Click here for full Plain Dealer article, Click here for USGS press release.)  [updated 12/12/08]


Three Euclid Creek Communities given awards at the Cuyahoga Solid Waste District's annual Trash Oscars event:

Beachwood awarded 'Best Supporting Community in a Recycling Role': The City of Beachwood had the 2nd highest recycling rate in Cuyahoga County in 2007 - recycling 67.13% of its waste.  Click here for more of Beachwood's recycling accomplishments.

South Euclid awarded 'Most Improved Recycling Producers': The City of South Euclid had the most improved recycling rate for two years in a row, increasing recycling by over 20% since 2005.

Cleveland awarded 'Best Director in a Leading Role: Cleveland's Commissioner of Waste Collection, Ron Owens, was recognized for his leadership in organizing Cleveland's first automated waste collection program, and for reinstating curbside recycling.

[updated 12/09/08]

Unbelievably sad news about tireless environmental activist Ed Hauser: Ed Hauser, 47, environmental activist who fought to preserve Whiskey Island [updated 11/19/08]

Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Awarded ODNR Grant to Help Restore and Protect Euclid Creek Watershed: click here for ODNR Press release. [updated 11/5/08]

Call for Artists: The City of Cleveland, through its Public Art Program, is requesting qualifications from artists in producing public art within the City of Cleveland.  One of the projects is in the Euclid Creek Watershed in the Nottingham neighborhood (November 7, submission deadline).  Please click here to find out more... [updated 10/20/08]

South Euclid Detention Basin in Nine Mile Creek Watershed converted into wetland system - click here for full story   -   click here for video    [updated 10/20/08]

Beachwood High School: Ultimate Green Classroom opens with Mayfield students' aid - click here for full article [updated 10/7/08]

The Great Lakes Compact Passed - On Friday, October 3rd, President Bush signed The Great Lakes Compact which provides for a comprehensive management framework for achieving sustainable water use and resource protection in the Great Lakes region. For more information on The Compact, please visit the Council of Great Lakes Governors Website at http://www.cglg.org [updated 10/6/08]

South Euclid and Euclid modify Ordinances to allow for Rain Barrels! 

   See City of South Euclid's rain barrel installation detail here [updated 10/6/08] 

       For City of Euclid's informational page on rain barrels click here [updated 11/24/08]




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