Reducing waste and treating stormwater

A recent article in the trade publication Geosynthetics highlighted the use of synthetic turf for use in shoreline erosion control within a water sports park. Read GeoSynthetics article >> I thought this an interesting use for this material. How does this relate to reducing waste?

The property north of the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District office is being demolished and redeveloped. The former use of the property was as an indoor sports fields comprising of synthetic turf. During the demolition process giant rolls of synthetic turf are staged in the parking lot presumably to be disposed of in a land fill. How does this relate to treating stormwater?

Stormwater basins around the NE Ohio region have bank or slope erosion of varying degree. Water flowing down a slope will find a preferred path and enlarge that path over time. Erosion on the banks of stormwater basins reduces the water storage volume by replacing it with sediment.

Here is an idea: Line stormwater basin slopes with synthetic turf or spot treat erosion channels with materials to ensure that substrate soils are not eroded with each storm. Temporarily install synthetic turf on construction sites to minimize mud tracking into the streets.

There can be a solution to multiple problems if we look for them and try them out.

Author: Brian White, Urban Conservationist

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