The Usefulness of Sedimentation

An opinion article called "What the Muck of Walden Pond Tells Us About Our Planet" written by Professor Curt Stager of Paul Smith's College popped up in my Facebook feed last weekend. It was published in the New York Times last Saturday 1/7/2016.

The title sparked my interest right away. Having majored in English as an undergrad I still hold a special place for the American Transcendentalists. Upon finishing the article I was impressed by how many more of my interests were represented and condensed into such a short but insightful article. Thoreau, sediment, environment, natural history, nutrient enrichment, and climate change. Professor Stager also importantly states, "Empirical facts are true whether people accept them or not, and science offers our clearest view of them." This is a powerful rebuke to recent trends questioning the validity of science.

Please clink on the link above and enjoy the brief read about Walden Pond and its continuing contributions to the understanding of our planet.

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