The Dog Days of Summer

Although we are technically just entering this sultry part of summer, it seems as though the weather in these parts has been in overdrive this year! In spite of all the hot temperatures, work has moved ahead here at Cuyahoga SWCD.

In May, volunteers from throughout Cuyahoga County planted trees and cleaned streams. Students had festivals and field days as the school year came to a close. Students of all ages submitted their posters and 5 winners were invited to a pizza party to celebrate their success. In June, I attended the Ohio Envirothon and watched some of the best and brightest Ohio students compete for the right to advance to the international environmental science competition. Also in June, teachers joined us for a five day whirlwind workshop that included 6 curricula, guest speakers, school site visits, tours of a sewage treatment plant and the Watershed Stewardship Center. These teachers braved the warm weather and completed service learning projects and field activities to get a sense of the value of hands on learning all while earning graduate credit for their professional development.

As things heat up even more, the planting slows down a bit but stream clean ups can be a fun way to beat the heat in the cool microclimates of the stream areas. Trees and plants are watered and weeded and indoor workshops about green cleaning and rain barrels encourage people to try new ways to conserve and protect our environment. Soon students will begin to return to school and plans are already being made for late summer volunteer events and projects.

We have a lot to offer! To learn more about how you or your group can join in the late summer fun, please contact us.

Blog author: Jacki Zevenbergen, Stormwater Education Program Manager

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