Don't be a Drip - Fix that Leak!

But it’s only a few drops.....

In high traffic areas, those drops add up quick.

Your car contains fluids that allow it to function properly. When these fluids leak, much bigger problems may occur. Fixing a small leak now may prevent big car repair bills in the future.

  • Fluids in your car can be extremely toxic. Fix your leaks so children and pets don’t play in toxic puddles or drink toxic fluids.
  • Lake Erie starts here – when it rains the fluids from your car wash into local rivers and streams that drain to the lake. Many of us get our drinking water from Lake Erie.
  • Local and migrating wildlife also rely on a healthy Lake Erie system for survival.

For more information and great car maintenance videos, please check out Don’t Drip & Drive at fixcarleaks.org

Blog author: Jacki Zevenbergen, Stormwater Education Program Manager

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