Stormwater Awareness Week

Stormwater Awareness Week
October 20-26, 2019

Stormwater Awareness Week is a regional effort that encourages communities (and the groups that care about them) to raise stormwater awareness via newsletters and social media posts, or with fun and educational events.

Most people don't think about stormwater unless it negatively affects them thru flooding or erosion. There is an intricate system below our feet that keeps water flowing from land to our rivers, streams and Lake Erie. Unfortunately, it also takes pollutants with it. Pollutants such as fertilizer, dog waste, sediment, oil and gas from cars, litter, etc. Keep in mind that only rain should go down that drain!

You can help!

  • keep your storm drain clear of debris and let the water flow during rain and snow events;
  • reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals you use on your lawn and in your gardens;
  • pick up after your pet;
  • keep your car properly maintained;
  • shrink your lawn and install native plants and trees;
  • encourage others to do these as well!

Thanks for all you do, this week and all year!

The following communities have passed a resolution to recognize Stormwater Awareness Week:

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