Illegal Dumping. See Something? Say Something!

As Cuyahoga County residents, you are the eyes for our local waterways and Lake Erie. On October 14th an illegal discharge from the Mobil station on 185th into Euclid Creek was identified. What went right? The observer notified local authorities and the fire station and HAZMAT team were able to quickly identify the discharge and alert Ohio EPA.

All rain and snowmelt flows off our roofs, lawns, and driveways, into the street and storm sewers, and directly to our rivers and lakes untreated!

As stormwater runoff travels, it picks up pollutants and chemicals on the land that may be harmful to public health & the environment. Sometimes, pollutants are directly dumped into storm drains and waterways from households or businesses.

Deliberate discharging of a pollutant that does not consist of stormwater into the storm drain or local waterways is called an illicit discharge and it is illegal. These discharges contribute to high levels of pollutants, including heavy metals, toxics, oil and grease, solvents, nutrients, viruses and bacteria to receiving waterbodies.

Suspicious discharges should be reported immediately.

If you see someone dumping in a storm drain, roadside ditch, or creek, or evidence that dumping has occurred, call the local police or fire department, and Ohio EPA's 24-hour Spill/Emergency Line at 800-282-9378. Save the numbers in your phone so you don't have to try to look them up. You can use our illegal dumping brochure to help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

Thank you for keep an eye out for our local waterways! Remember: Only Rain Down the Drain!

Blog author: Elizabeth Hiser, Watershed Program Manager

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