Introducing the Cuyahoga SWCD Conservation Action Grant & Scholarship Fund!

Cuyahoga SWCD has long promoted the installation of conservation projects such as tree planting, rain gardens, rain barrels, native plant gardens, cover crops and more to improve the health of Cuyahoga County's soil & water resources. In addition to educating the public about these practices, we have striven to reduce the barriers that may exist that prevent residents and other landowners from adopting these practices: through rain barrel workshops where we supply all the materials necessary to construct and install a barrel, to our native plant kit sale, and our soil test kit distributions.

We are now taking this commitment to reducing barriers to the adoption of conservation practices one step further with the introduction of our Conservation Action Grant & Scholarship Fund. Cuyahoga SWCD is offering small grants and scholarships for conservation education and projects aimed at improving soil and water resources. Grants and scholarships for up to $1,000 will be awarded in March and September on a rolling basis. Successful project applications are those related to environmental and conservation programs with a special emphasis on engaging underserved populations or those with financial barriers to project implementation.

Our goal is to award 75 grants and scholarships by the 75th Anniversary of Cuyahoga SWCD in 2024.

The program is funded by a budget allocation by the Cuyahoga SWCD Board of Supervisors, and by donations from the public. Donations can be made by visiting cuyahogaswcd.org/donate.

Applicants may access a grant application and additional information at on the Cuyahoga SWCD's project page, or by requesting an application by calling 216/524-6580, ext. 1003.

Blog Author: Jared Bartley, Senior Program Manager

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