Wat-er you doing this summer?

Water is life. But it is so much more than just something we need to live. I love early summer in all its watery glory. Sitting around a pool or lake with family or friends. Spending a day boating or fishing on a lake or stream. Enjoying the thrill of a whitewater adventure or the calming effect of a babbling brook or waves lapping against the shore of Lake Erie. Some people find a rainy day dreary. I enjoy the pitter patter and think about the plants that are soaking up the life-sustaining water. I think of all the animals – microscopic to large – that call our water bodies home. I appreciate the streams and ground water recharge that will hopefully sustain life through the drier periods of summer.

Water can’t be tamed but it can be managed. Natural surfaces absorb water, so it doesn’t overload manmade and natural water conveyance systems. Good vegetative cover can prevent erosion and reduce flooding. Proper floodplain management can give stormwater a place to spread out and reduce damage to infrastructure. Changes in human behavior can allow us to live in harmony with water.

The power of water is amazing. We are fortunate to have an abundance of freshwater in Northeast Ohio. I hope that everyone can find the silver lining in a cloudy summer day. Grab a towel and go cool off in some water so the summer heat doesn’t get you down.

Blog author: Jacki Zevenbergen, Stormwater Education Program Manager

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