Winter Watershed Protection Tips

Posted on 01/26/16 by in Euclid Creek Watershed

Foamy pollution entering creek as snow melts  (photo courtesy of Perkiomen Watershed)

While salt is a very imporant topic to discuss in winter, there are other things you can to to protect the watershed over winter months (even though two are related to salt...). Dispose of shoveled snow in vegetated areas; avoid dumping it in streets or streams. Gardens can better absorb snow melt than pavement, so in the next... read more

Melting Snow & Storm Event Inspections

Posted on 01/19/16 by Brent in Storm Water Services

Here in Northeast Ohio construction activity doesn't stop just because a few snowflakes are falling. Projects have deadlines and extreme weather is just another logistical bump along the road to completion. As such, all typical erosion and sediment controls associated with the storm water pollution prevention plan (SWP3) need to be managed without interruption. Often times the weekly... read more

Hold the Salt!

Posted on 01/12/16 by Jared in Educational Outreach

Where does de-icing salt end up?  Our local rivers and streams.

While doctors often recommend cutting back on salt in your diet to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and other heart health issues, many of our local streams also suffer from health risks stemming from too much salt. Road salt (sodium chloride) is most commonly used to remove ice from roads, parking lots and sidewalks. As snow... read more

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Posted on 01/06/16 by in Educational Outreach

Each year at this time much is printed about New Year’s Resolutions. A recurrent theme is to vow not to dwell on yesterday or contemplate tomorrow, but instead to focus on today. Well, 2015 was a very good year for the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District and judging this year's strong start, 2016 may be the best... read more

Musings from a Saturday afternoon

Posted on 12/22/15 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Murnau Garden by Wassily Kandinsky

I had all the intentions of writing a blog about going green for the holidays but last weekend I experienced the exhibit Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As I made my way thru the exhibit I knew I had to write about this. To say it was spectacular is... read more


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