On November 23rd the U.S. Global Change Research Program published the Fourth National Climate Assessment report. Volume II of the report details a dire future for the Great Lakes Region, Northeast Ohio, and specifically Lake Erie. Some of the major takeaways as reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer's James McCarthy in a December 2nd article titled "Future of Lake... read more

Amy Roskilly showing off her reusable shopping bags.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is refreshing to have a holiday centered around being thankful, and reflecting on what matters to us most. A favorite family Thanksgiving tradition of mine is writing an anonymous list of what I’m thankful for. Each family member also writes an anonymous letter. Then we put our lists... read more


Some people learn best by seeing how things work. While it’s not always possible to see the consequences of our behaviors in real time, we can use models to bring issues down to a scale we can observe. Cuyahoga SWCD has some models that we can bring to a school or presentation to demonstrate processes like erosion, the... read more

Canadian Geese in stormwater pond. Photo Credit: Tri-State Wildlife Management

Canadian geese are a large impressive bird when you take a close look at them. They mate for life and are attentive, protective parents as you may have noticed if you've ever gotten too close. They even use the nanny system. I will admit I do love when the hatchlings arrive. But those adorable little baby fuzzies grow... read more

Example of University of Massachusetts soil test report

So, you’re tomato vines are 10 foot tall, but aren’t producing tomatoes. Or, you’re blueberries just keep croaking. Perhaps, leaf margins on your favorite ornamental tree are pale yellow, while the veins are dark green. In the world of Ag, we have a saying, “Don’t Guess, Soil Test.” When people ask me what’s wrong with their plant, my typical... read more