With our increasingly busy lives, protecting local waters isn't usually an issue that crosses most people’s minds. But if you value your health and the health of your surroundings then it should. Our well-being is linked to the health of our waters. Our drinking water comes directly from Lake Erie, so protecting the tributaries to the lake ultimately... read more

Construction sites are a common sight during the warmer months in NE Ohio and so is the black fabric silt fence that rings the sites. Silt fence is as ubiquitous as pot holes during construction season. Silt fence is a specific application of “perimeter controls” that construction sites are required to keep installed while construction activity takes place.... read more


Bee Friendly! Honeybees are under a great deal of stress lately. Honeybee populations have dropped 50% in the past 25 years. Colony collapse disorder is wiping out entire hives almost overnight. There are pests and diseases, pesticides and herbicides, genetically modified crops, lack of diversity and habitat loss that contribute to the decline of the honeybee. We’ve all heard that... read more

Various Tick Species and Sizes.  Photo credit: Portage Health System

Spring brings with it warm weather, beautiful scenery and wonderful outdoor activities that we look forward to during the cold winter months. However, Spring also means Tick Season which brings with it the various diseases that they may be carrying, including the dangerous, sometimes fatal Powassan Virus Disease (POW). The Powassan Virus is most prevalent in the Northeast and... read more

When it comes to stabilizing disturbed soils it is important to do the job well the first time. When properly applied and monitored for germination and establishment temporary and permanent vegetative stabilization will protect the soil from erosion. However, if the stabilization is not applied correctly and/or the project is not monitored failure will likely occur.... read more


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