Murnau Garden by Wassily Kandinsky

I had all the intentions of writing a blog about going green for the holidays but last weekend I experienced the exhibit Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As I made my way thru the exhibit I knew I had to write about this. To say it was spectacular is... read more

There was a discussion in our office about a construction site operator who was explaining to one of our inspectors as to why soil isn’t a problem. Essentially his reasoning is that soil is everywhere and how can something that is “natural” be pollution. Allow me to briefly explain how soil can be a pollutant. A pollutant is any... read more

Photo credit: Don Torino

As the temperatures drop and many critters settle in for a long winter's nap or fly the coop, many other critters stick around to brave the storm. Many people opt to help out the little guys (and some not so little guys) by putting out various types of feeders, myself included. While this is done with the best... read more

We caught up with Annie Roberto, who was the first recipient of our annual scholarship prize in 2014. FOEC: How did you spend the money you received from Friends of Euclid Creek (FOEC)? ANNIE: The award money was spent on my fall 2014 semester at Tri-C on two classes, Biology and Probability & Statistics, as well as books. It was... read more

photo: NASA

Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday. There is so much to be thankful for during this time of year; family, friends, and health to name just a few. It’s a time when families, friends, and even strangers gather to share a meal and company. During this time remember to pause for a moment and reflect on Earth, this... read more


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