ON THE ROAD TO CLEAN WATER and 2017 Year in Review

Posted on 12/19/17 by Janine in Educational Outreach

At the dawn of 2017, the Cuyahoga SWCD staff was anticipating a wild and crazy year. In addition to rolling out the public involvement/public education (PIPE) program for 21 new communities, and adding another community to the Long Term Operations and Maintenance Program, the logistics of moving the office north were in high gear. As the end of the... read more

Camp Canopy - a high school summertime favorite gets a new name

Posted on 12/12/17 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

Former Ohio Forestry & WIldlife Conservation Camp Has a New Name! Read all about it in this press release. Take advantage of a great summer opportunity! Are you interested in the environment? Maybe you're considering a career in Natural Resources? Enjoy lots of outdoor activities in an big natural place. Learn, recreate and relax while making friendships that can... read more

Is the Urban Ag Bubble Popping?

Posted on 12/05/17 by in Urban Agriculture

Several weeks ago, my delicate urban ag psyche received a 1-2-3 punch in the face. I can’t remember the exact order all of the harrowing news had been unloaded on me, but it was comprised of both local and national happenings. At a national level, Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power, resigned from Growing Power and retired... read more

Show Your Thanks - Reduce Plastic Use

Posted on 11/28/17 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Each year I make the trek home to Michigan to spend time with family and reflect on all I'm thankful for. This year I'm especially grateful to be working for an agency whose mission is to advocate for protection of our urban waters and soils. As part of that effort most of our... read more

A Healthy Spring Lawn Starts in the Fall

Posted on 11/15/17 by Jared in Educational Outreach

Healthy soil is a fundamental building block of a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, in many areas of Cuyahoga County our soil is in distress. The vicious cycle of over-fertilization, pesticide and herbicide application, and removing grass clippings and leaves from the lawnscape has severely depleted the soils in many established neighborhoods, rendering them essentially lifeless. Meanwhile, in newer housing... read more


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