Summer Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance Tips

Posted on 06/19/18 by Elizabeth in Storm Water Services

Westlake City staff removing trash from a basin outlet.

Summer thunderstorms bring wind and rain which can move trash and debris into Stormwater Control Measures (basins, green infrastructure, detention units etc.) making monthly debris removal maintenance important to prevent clogs that could cause flooding. Our Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance Tips outreach campaign continues this month to deliver useful information and seasonal tips for property owners, managers, contractors, and... read more

The Big Creek Cleanup - Twenty Years and Counting

Posted on 06/05/18 by in Educational Outreach

Twenty Years and Counting…Bags of Trash On Saturday, June 1, volunteers spanned throughout the Big Creek watershed for the 20th Annual Big Creek Clean Up. From Parma Heights in the south, north to the Oxbow area in Brooklyn, and along the Chevy Branch in the Bellaire-Puritas neighborhood, approximately 50 volunteers pulled out trash and debris that littered the creek. Over... read more

In Defense of Dandelions

Posted on 05/29/18 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Seriously, look at her! Glorious bumble bee just loving the dandelion pollen!!

It's just a little past time for this post but the little yellow flowers that some love to hate are still popping up in yards. Personally, I celebrate dandelions. They are one of the first flowers to emerge after a long winter. All types of bees use them for food and often they are the only food available... read more

Making Your Home Bird Friendly

Posted on 05/22/18 by Megan in Educational Outreach

A happy Chestnut-Sided Warbler at Magee Marsh. (my photo)

As the weather warms up, migratory birds pass through Ohio on their long journey from the breeding grounds. Spring migration (March 15-June 1) and Fall migration (August 15-October 31) are fantastic times to see migratory species, especially for those of us lucky enough to live close to Lake Erie. I recently took a trip to Magee Marsh and... read more

Watershed Moments

Posted on 05/16/18 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

The Bees just learned they had the highest overall score...

This year the NACD poster contest topic is “Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home”. Such an inclusive topic – when the water hits the ground it has to go somewhere so we all live in a watershed (drainage area). We can‘t wait to see what types of art work the students in grades K-12 create to represent this topic!... read more


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