A Plastic World

Posted on 10/10/17 by Janine in Educational Outreach

Plastics were invented in 1907 and they are most commonly derived from petrochemicals. Due to their relatively low cost and versatility, plastics replaced many traditional materials and are used for a huge variety of purposes. As wonderful as plastic has been, the world is now faced with adverse environmental effects. Certainly plastics play an important role in society; however... read more

High School Students Will Showcase Environmental Skills

Posted on 10/02/17 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

Brush High School, 2017 winner CEI category

The 2018 Area 2 Envirothon will be held on April 26, 2018 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. This year's event is hosted by the Cuyahoga and Portage County Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The regional competition is free, lunch is provided and some funds will be available for transportation, substitute teachers or other costs. Envirothon participation is an important... read more

The Blueprint to Urban Agriculture

Posted on 09/26/17 by in Urban Agriculture

Home Page of The Blueprint

It’s September 26th. It’s officially fall, but it sure feels like summer still. Personally, I’m about to celebrate both my one year anniversary at CSWCD and the unveiling of our Blueprint to Urban Agriculture, which just so happens to be the reason why I was hired and is ultimately my grant deliverable. The Blueprint was originally conceived as a... read more

Help Collect Milkweed for Monarchs

Posted on 09/19/17 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Tips for when to collect pods

Monarchs are easily recognized by most for their bright orange wings and fascinating migration pattern. Each year it takes at least 4 generations of monarchs to travel from Canada to Mexico in the fall and back to Canada in the spring. Along the way each generation must lay eggs, grow into caterpillars, form a cocoon with pupa, and... read more

Headwater Streets

Posted on 09/12/17 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

Many urban and suburban headwater streams have lost most or all of their ecological and landscape functions.

Every river begins somewhere – its headwaters. Even the largest of rivers starts as a network of small headwater streams, many of which are small enough to cross with a single step, or don’t even have flowing water year-round. And while we often marvel at the power and beauty of rivers, their headwaters seem to invoke little but... read more


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