Eliot Coleman's What If Hypothesis

Posted on 05/16/17 by in Urban Agriculture

Eliot Coleman's The New Organic Grower, pic courtesy of Sarah Husher

I’ve personally been engaged in urban farming for eight years now. One thing is for certain. Things in this line of work come and go. This holds true for the farmers, the farms themselves, techniques, tools, markets, volunteers, and inspirations. However, one concept has resonated with me through the years since my beginnings in 2010. That one concept is... read more

Stop the Spread: Hydrilla in the Ohio Lake Erie Basin

Posted on 05/09/17 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Hydrilla Mat: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut, Bugwood.org

Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) is an aquatic plant that is considered invasive. It is thought the plant likely made its way to Ohio through the aquarium trade, but we are not sure exactly how it made its way into our rivers, wetlands and lakes. What we do know is it spreads easily and grows quickly, producing a dense mat... read more

Watershed Wellness: An Ounce of Prevention...

Posted on 05/03/17 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

We all know that the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise prevents many health problems, and that performing routine maintenance activities such as oil changes and tune-ups keeps our cars running smoothly and prevents expensive repairs. The same is true for watersheds – at costs sometimes exceeding $500 per foot for stream restoration, keeping our rivers and... read more

Living In Harmony with Wildlife - Skunks & Raccoons

Posted on 04/24/17 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Raccoon and skunk eating pet food.  Photo credit: MTLskyline

Living in a suburban environment one of the most common wildlife interactions for me has been with skunks and raccoons. I have even encountered raccoons in my house on a few occasions. How the young one ended up on the second floor remains a mystery. These critters are highly adaptable and exceptional scavengers. Not only do they make... read more


Posted on 04/18/17 by Amy in Educational Outreach

You want to clean this so bad, don't you? Settle down!! The critters will thank you!

Because I KNOW you remember my blog from October 13, 2015 about how it’s ok to be a lazy gardener and it’s better for your gardens to leave them messy over the Winter; or Claire’s blog from October 28, 2016 about leaving your flower beds and other landscaping in place over the Winter – because you so diligently... read more


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