Rocky River Meeting Clean Water Act Goals for Biology for the First Time

Posted on 03/09/16 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

2015 Rocky River Designated Aquatic Life Use Attainment - for a larger image visit http://tinyurl.com/RR2015attain

Note: For a larger images of the above maps, visit http://myrockyriver.ning.com/maps. A recent study conducted by Ohio EPA indicates that all 11.8 miles of the Main Stem of the Rocky River are now in complete attainment of its Warmwater Habitat designated aquatic life use. In other words, the Rocky's Main Stem supports the number and diversity of fish and... read more

Lake Erie Starts Here!

Posted on 03/02/16 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Rain garden

Your home is the first line of defense for the health of Lake Erie! Rain and snow melt that runs over your property and into the storm drain goes to our waterways untreated. It brings with it storm water pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides, dog waste, winter road salt, oil and gas, litter, eroded soil, and... read more

Not Wild About Wet Yards

Posted on 02/23/16 by in Educational Outreach

Soggy yard

Once the snow melts and spring rains shower our area, frustrated property owners begin flooding the office with concerns about wet and soggy yards. Wet and soggy yards are not uncommon during the wet weather months. While the soil can absorb some of the snow melt and rain, even the best soils have a limited capacity to absorb large... read more

Tools for Private Owners & Operators of Stormwater Control Measures

Posted on 02/16/16 by Elizabeth in Storm Water Services

Guidance manual for private owners & operators.

With the expansion of our post-construction stormwater control measure long-term operation & maintenance program (say that three times fast), Cuyahoga SWCD has placed a heavy focus on private owner and operator outreach and education opportunities. To that direction we now offer sample maintenance plans, sample maintenance agreements, contractor lists, plant lists, fact sheets for common maintenance activities, and... read more

Yay it snowed!

Posted on 02/10/16 by in Storm Water Services

Yay it snowed… How much water is that? Is the snow we received around the area last night the same amount of water as a spring rain? No. It is much less water than a rain. Let’s look at something called the Snow-to-Liquid Ratio. The Snow-to-Liquid ratio describes the amount of water that comprises the fallen snow. It is the depth... read more


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