Cuyahoga SWCD's Role in Development projects: MetroHealth Transformation

Posted on 03/19/19 by Brent in Storm Water Services

View from southeast corner, facing northwest (HGA, MetroHealth)

Property development can be an exciting, inspiring, and transformative process. It can also be detail oriented, expensive, and tedious. Many property developers are business conglomerates but there are some lone wolf developers too. Regardless of the size of the development company it takes a team to make a vision become a reality. The road to project completion involves... read more

Insight to Starting Pollinator Seeds

Posted on 03/12/19 by Justin in Urban Agriculture

Black-eyed Susan with perfect germination.

Last year, I wrote and was awarded some funding through Bayer’s Feed A Bee program. The program is meant to create pollinator habitat and to educate the public on the importance of habitat for bees and butterflies. In order to extend our grant dollars way further and to get my hands a little dirtier, I proposed in the... read more

Living In Harmony with Wildlife: Feral Cats

Posted on 03/08/19 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Feral Cats. Photo credit: ASPCA

Bird migration time is upon us! One of the many obstacles that migrating and non-migrating bird populations face is predation by an ever increasing cat population. Some of these are protected or struggling bird species whose populations are at risk, such as the bobwhite quail in Florida where cat predation is having a large impact. It has been... read more

Say No to Non-native Plants, Shrubs, and Ornamental Trees

Posted on 03/04/19 by Chris in Storm Water Services

Native swamp rose-mallow in a rain garden

During a visit to the Great Big Home & Garden Show at the I-X Center in early February, I was walking through the “garden showcase” exhibit area and noticed many of the plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees on display were non-native to northeast Ohio. I realize there are awards given out in various categories to some the landscaping... read more

Winter Watershed Restoration: Live Stakes and other Vegetative Streambank Stabilization Practices

Posted on 02/19/19 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

Live Stakes installed along a headwater stream.

When most people in Northeast Ohio think of winter, planting things outside usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But if you are a landowner dealing with eroding streambanks, it should! November through March is the ideal time to install live stakes, live fascines, brush mattresses, or a combination thereof. Collectively known as streambank bioengineering or... read more