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Who Cares Anyway?

Posted on 07/06/21 by Amy in Educational Outreach

I've never understood littering. I'd like to so I can know what do to reach those who do litter, but my response is usually going from 0-60 when I see it and get all flustered and make some passive/aggressive sweeping hand gesture. It's not the most effective reaction and certainly turns people off from talking about why they... read more

River Day, Stream Cleanups and Tracking Trash

Posted on 06/28/21 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Euclid Creek Watershed Volunteers Picking up for River Day.

Partners from around the Cuyahoga River and nearshore Lake Erie watersheds gathered this past weeked to spend time celebrating River Day presented by Cuyahoga River Restoration, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, whose mission is to restore, revitalize, and protect the Cuyahoga River Watershed and nearshore Lake Erie. Water lovers united to get outdoors and recreate while pitching in to... read more


Posted on 06/28/21 by Elizabeth in Friends of Euclid Creek

Hi, Everyone, Just a few messages this month. 6/15 Annual Meeting was very successful. We updated 30 people about our activates over the last year and one-half. After the presentations many stayed to discuss concerns. It was a very productive and fun meeting. Here is the link to the PowerPoint slides if you missed the meeting. The recording will be... read more

Misconception about Timing of Bioretention Installation

Posted on 06/22/21 by Chris in Storm Water Services

Photo taken: 9/2/2020 showing sediment trap with filter sock around the bottom and seed/straw matting installed on embankments a few weeks prior.

Last year I did a blog about the misconception of bioretention – which described how there are people who feel it is totally appropriate to install a bioretention basin (yes, with the very expensive bioretention soil media) prior to a construction site being completely stabilized. Unfortunately, this is still the case. This blog will be a step-by-step story... read more

Urban Tree Conflicts

Posted on 06/15/21 by Colleen in Educational Outreach

Cracked Sidewalk-portland.gov

The verdict is in: trees are beneficial both to the natural and human environment. However, is there any way that planting trees can be detrimental? Any arborist or urban forester will tell you, “right tree, right place”; this is their mantra. On a recent visit to a school campus where the students were about to plant trees on the school... read more


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