Sensible Salting Seminar

When: October 11 from 8:30am - 11:00am
Where: Erie County Fairgrounds, 3110 Columbus Ave. Sandusky, OH 44001 map this

Save the date municipal workers, road/service departments, and those in the business of snow and ice removal!

NEO PIPE is collaborating with other agencies to host a regional road salting workshop! For more information on NEO PIPE, click here.

Though critical to our safety, road salt poses a unique challenge to both our waterways and communities. This workshop will provide a forum for information, resources, and successes to be shared.

This free workshop will assist Phase 2 communities in meeting their requirement and is opened to anyone interested in examining the impacts of traditional road salting and potential strategies/alternatives to reduce salt's burden to our ecosystems and budgets. Uniquely designed as a "peer to peer" program, speakers from various Northeastern Ohio communities will discuss different methods, experiences, and challenges of salt management.

*Helps meet MCM 1 (Public Education) and MCM 6 (Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping)

Click here to register or to register by phone please call Erie Conservation District @ 419-626-5211

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