Love It Don't Trash It

Love It Don't Trash It

When: February 14 through February 21 from 9:00am - 11:00pm

This February we would love to see our great cleanup work continue. While we won't have a group cleanup this month, we do have a Valentine's week challenge for you! Help us Love Lake Erie by picking up litter with us! If we each pick up a few pieces we will easily surpass our challenge goal to remove at least 500 pieces of litter from the county watersheds!

American Rivers sponsors all of our cleanups and they have introduced us to an App called Litterati. If you have a smart phone and you hate litter, we would love for you to join our Litterati challenge to pick up and track litter.

Litterati started as one person taking a photo of a cigarette butt and sharing it to his Instagram account, now it is a world wide community picking up and tracking litter to help influence local and government policy, persuade corporations to use eco-friendly packaging, and inspire other individuals to take greater personal responsibility for the planet we all call home. You can learn more from this TED Talk.

Challenge Details - scroll to the bottom!

Not ready to download an app?

  • Register below and let us know what you did for conservation this year! If you do opt to pick up litter, but not use litterati - use the comments function during registration to let us know how much litter, where, and what day(s) you picked up!
  • Not able to pick up litter but you want to help? Let us know about litter hot spots! If you see an area of your neighborhood that needs a cleanup, let us know by registering below and telling us the location in the comments!
  • You can also let us know about your efforts on social media by sharing photos and the hashtags #CuyahogaConserves #LakeErieStartsHere #LakeErieLoveItDontTrashIt
  • Joining in the middle of the campaign? Register here (and forgive our website registration quirkiness)

Litterati Instructions:

Challenge Period: 2/14-2/21/2021

How does it work?

Use the free Litterati app on your mobile device to join the Love It Dont Trash It challenge. In the app, you will photograph each piece of litter you pick up before properly discarding it and tag it to record valuable information about the litter being kept from our rivers.

How to participate:

1. Download the free Litterati app on your mobile device using the App Store or Google Play. Open the app, click “I’m New.”

2. Review and Agree to the terms.

3. You will be asked, “Do you have a challenge code?” Enter the code you receive in an email from us after you register with us (below!)

4. The app will immediately open to the in-app camera. Click the top left down arrow to your “Community” and the main menu.

5. Next, you need to “Claim Your Account” (learn how to) to save your progress and tracked litter and access all tools and data. Without claiming your account, your data may not be saved to our challenge. This data is important to helping map litter in our community.

6. Make sure your phone’s settings allows the Litterati app to access your location and camera while using the app.

7. From 2/14-2/21/2021, collect as much litter as you can using Litterati to take a picture of each item AND tag the type of trash it is.

For extra help on how to use Litterati, to watch how-to videos, and learn tips and tricks.

We hope you’ll join us!

Joining in the middle of the campaign? Register here (and forgive our website registration quirkiness)

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