Cleveland Plogs Waterloo - Litter Pick-Up

When: September 08 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Where: 15600 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110 map this

Join ploggers on Wednesday September 8th to clean up Waterloo and surrounding streets before wrapping up around 730pm. We will be set up outside the ‘leaning tower of Waterloo’ (15600 Waterloo Rd.) with bags, gloves, water, and hand sanitizer. Once we wrap up, we’ll likely head over to the Fillmore or the Boardwalk for a refreshment – only ploggers of appropriate age of course!Once everyone has picked up trash on their route, we’ll meet back up by the tower for a post plogging photo!We hope to see you there – rain or shine!

Event Details on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/8D7hRz4xA

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