Common Milkweed - seed planting and growing

Common Milkweed - seed planting and growing

When: June 10 through December 31 from 1:00pm - 1:00pm


Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) has been in decline over recent years due to development and an increase in herbicides. It is one of the only plants where the Monarch butterfly can lay her eggs. The monarch caterpillar feeds on the Common Milkweed leaves. The flowers of this plant are very attractive to numerous native pollinators and provide significant benefit during its long bloom time.

If you already have Common Milkweed seeds, download the pdf on the right side of this page and follow the directions.

No seeds, no problem! We would like to give you some. Fill out the information below and we will send you some seeds.


WOAH!! You blew us away with all your requests for seeds that we have exhausted our supplies. Thank you for caring so much!!

Please feel free to email Amy to be put on the list for the next seed collection and distribution. aroskilly@cuyahogaswcd.org

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