Master Rain Gardener Self-Paced Online Class

When: December 31 from 8:00am - 8:10am


Learn to design, dig and plant your own rain garden!!

Rain gardens capture and soak in rainwater that runs off hard surfaces like roofs and driveways while filtering pollutants that would otherwise flow to our storm drains and into our creeks and streams.

Share your knowledge and become your community's expert on rain gardens.

There are five classes. Watch videos for each class and do the homework. By the end you have your rain garden all planned out, and you are ready to dig, build a rain garden and become a Master Rain Gardener!

    • Cost: $50

Class videos will be hosted online and can be viewed at your own pace. Register below to get started.


Participants must view all course online content, and then either plant a new rain garden, rehab a rain garden, or adopt a public rain garden to receive their Master RAIN Gardener certificate.

All graduates receive a Master Rain Gardener t-shirt!

The Residential Certification is geared toward homeowners who would like to install a rain garden in their own yard and serve as the neighborhood expert on rain gardens. This is a great educational extension program for Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists as well. To earn this certification, participants must complete the online 5-week course and install their own rain garden or adopt a public rain garden. Participants will receive a certificate and Master Rain Gardener T-shirt upon course completion.

Are you a professional looking to market your rain garden design or installation skills? Chagrin River Watershed Partners offers a Professional Certification geared toward landscape professionals and contractors looking to install rain gardens professionally on residential properties. Learn more about that option here.

Additional information about the Master Rain Gardener Program here.

Online Residential Course

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