Cuyahoga SWCD Supervisor Election

A Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor represents county residents in soil and water conservation and natural resources management. Supervisors set the District's policy, provide guidance to staff, and assist on projects. The Board consists of five supervisors who serve for three-year terms on a voluntary basis. Supervisors participate in monthly and special board meetings and attend area and state meetings. This year, candidates will be nominated to fill two open positions. Potential candidates are expected to have experience relevant to the District's goals and a desire to assist in meeting those goals. The qualities of a potential supervisor include:

  • Knowledge of natural resources in the county
  • Skills that complement the existing make-up of the district board so that all demographic, educational, and land-use interests within the district are represented
  • Leadership ability and willingness to share time and talents

If you are interested in learning more about the Board of Supervisors, please contact Janine Rybka at 216/524-6580, ext. 1001. Letters expressing an interest in being considered for the board should be sent to the Cuyahoga SWCD office by August 22, 2018. Note that you must be 18 years of age and a Cuyahoga County residents.