Euclid Creek Invasive Trade-Up Program 2023

We’re excited to announce that Friends of Euclid Creek was awarded $2,500 from Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Dominion Energy for an invasive trade-up day as part of their Watershed Mini Grant Program!

This program will allow folks in the Euclid Creek Watershed to pick up free native trees and shrubs if they remove a woody invasive from their landscaping. Participants will need to fill out this registration form. One of our staff will reach out to confirm that you are eligible for the program.

Are you in the Euclid Creek Watershed? Check out this map.

Do you have one of these invasive species? Each species below is linked to a site with more information and photos.

Bradford Pear (and all of its varieties)
Bush honeysuckles
Japanese barberry
Burning bush

Not sure if you’re eligible?
Contact Kate Chapel at kchapel@cuyahogaswcd.org or 216-503-1257.

We encourage folks to reach out to determine eligibility BEFORE removing vegetation from their property. If you remove vegetation without confirming its nature as invasive, we cannot guarantee you'll be accepted into the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Residents should NOT remove trees or shrubs from the "tree lawn" which is the space between the public sidewalk and the street/curb. Tree lawns are managed by the municipality and should not be altered.

Below are the native species we'll have on hand for pick-up. Please note that these will be BAREROOT plants which are smaller and younger than your typical nursery bought tree, but easily transported and transplanted into your garden.

Allegheny Serviceberry
American Plum
Arrowwood Viburnum
Black Chokeberry
Gray Dogwood
New Jersey Tea
Red Osier Dogwood
Sweet Shrub


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