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When most people think of the ideal lawn, they think of well-maintained, bright green turf grass. There are around 40 million acres of lawn in the United States, occupying about 2% of the surface of our country. We perceive a well-maintained lawn as aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, but they are not pleasing toward our environment. Due to modern development practices that scrape off or compact the topsoil layer, the area covered by most turf grass is a largely impervious (not penetrable) surface. Most rainwater flows directly off your lawn picking up soil and pollutants and depositing them into streams, ponds, wetlands, rivers and eventually Lake Erie. This is stormwater runoff pollution.

You can help combat stormwater pollution by shrinking your lawn! Planting native plants can improve the curb appeal of a home, boost its resale value, all while protecting our environment with their long root systems which hold in soil, slow stormwater runoff and provide vital food and habitat for birds, insect pollinators and many other species.

Purchase OPN seed native plant seed mixes and shrink your lawn a little or a lot!

Cuyahoga SWCD is selling six native seed packets. Seed packets contain 1 PLS (Pure Live Seed) oz. of seed which is enough to cover 250 square feet. This mix of native grasses and wildflowers typically grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet. Please note that each site is unique and that several factors can affect overall height. These factors include sunlight, hydrology and overall soil health. All seeds are packaged by OPN seed.

The native perennials in these mixes do require some patience to establish, but for instant gratification, consider adding some quick establishing annuals.

Shrink Your Lawn brochure
Ohio Prairie Nursery presentation about Native Seeds