Pledges! - Stormwater Education and Watersheds

Pledge allegiance..to the environment!

Now you can pledge allegiance to the environment by signing one or all of our pledges! We will send you a follow up reminder and free gift (while supplies last).



Thanks for taking the Pledge to Plant! This pledge is now closed and those that signed up will be notified shortly about tree seedling pick up.

Every year trees are given away and we suspect many of those don't end up planted correctly or planted at all. Sign our pledge and we will give you a tree in the Fall with supplemental material on how to care for your tree. We will provide follow up advice and check in to see how your tree is doing. Supplies are limited so sign up today!

We've all seen litter on the roads and on the beaches. Sign this pledge and you will get a litter bag for your car or boat to store your trash until you can throw it away or recycle it later! (Be sure to include your address at the end of the pledge!!)

Winter is coming! Sign this pledge and you will learn how to salt properly to avoid slips and help the environment. We are out of the Lake Erie Starts Here mugs as a gift for this but please keep in mind that a coffee mug filled with salt is to melt ice on 10 sidewalk squares (250 sq. feet). That's all!


Are you a steward in your watershed? Do you want to be? Take one of our pledges and become a Watershed Champion!

Pledge to take at least 3 watershed friendly actions in your yard and at least one action in your community to earn your very own Champion sign!