Rain Gardens / Native Plants

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Rain gardens are attractive, landscaped areas planted with perennial native plants which don’t mind getting 'wet feet.' They are beautiful gardens, built in depressions, which are designed to capture and filter storm water runoff from impervious surfaces around the home, such as rooftops and driveways. The district has assisted installing over 30 rain gardens across the country, regularly presents on Rain Gardens to local groups, worked on creating the Rain Garden Manual for Homeowners instructional guide which is downloadable by clicking on 'Rain Garden Manual' icon to the right, or by calling the office at 216/524-6580.

Native Plant Lists

Places to buy Native Plants:

Places to buy Rain Garden Soil Mixture:

  • Kurtz Brothers - Bio-Retention Soil mix or you can make your own - the recommended soil mix for a rain garden is 50-60% sand, 30-40% loamy topsoil (from your local garden store or landscape supplier) and 5-10% organic matter (from your yard waste compost)

Other Resources

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