Mulching the leaves isn’t a trick, it’s a treat for your lawn!

Chances are you will be mowing your lawn for the last time this month. Be sure to mulch leaves with a lawn mower. Leaves provide nutrients for healthy soil, more of nature’s fertilizer. Did you know that mulching leaves into a lawn reduces dandelions by 60% according to a study at Michigan State?

Fall is a great time to seed your lawn too – be sure the seed is in direct contact with the soil for best germination. Apply a good quality compost along with grass seed while seeing your lawn. If you aren’t seeding your lawn this Fall, apply corn gluten meal to thwart fall weed seeds.

Fall is also a great time to test your soil and feed your lawn. Amend the soil according to the soil test results. Every three years, soil test in late Fall (or spring) to determine what nutrients need to be added to the soil. Testing can save money, time and prevent over application of nutrients. Kits can be found at local Soil and Water Conservation District or Cooperative Extension offices.

Continue to mulch your leaves. Cut the leaves smaller by mowing more than once with your mower, or add leaves to your compost pile. All this will help you have an even healthier lawn come next Spring.

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