Meet the 4-Legged Members of Cuyahoga SWCD

Monday, July 11th is All American Pet Photo Day. So, what better way to celebrate than to introduce you to the 4-legged members of our team! These guys work just as hard, if not harder than we do. I mean someone's gotta pick up our slack, keep us in check, and supervise us (usually with their eyes closed). Jasper even got a formal promotion to "Boss of Me" from Jan, although I think he already got that title the day he met me in our office and came home with me.

We are very lucky that our "assistants" are allowed to join us in the office. Our team is full of animal lovers, and it definitely helps to relieve stress, put a smile on everyone's faces, and boost morale. They don't mind all the extra love, attention, and treats either. This has also proved true over the last two years when we had to start working from home. Spending all of that extra time with our new co-workers was a wonderful plus and also offered a little extra exercise during lunch breaks in the form of walks or playtime. Speaking from personal experience, having a little furball sleeping in your lap while typing away on the computer or while doing plan reviews was relaxing way to keep stress down, even if they tried to get a little too helpful sometimes. I can also say that it is because of my awesome job that I have three out of my four assistants and that my sister has one as well.

So, without further ado check out all of the photos and meet our wonderful team of 4-Legged employees!

(In alphabetical order): Andie, Bash, Cat, Drogon, Gus, Jasper (cat), Jasper (dog), June, Lily, OJ, Opie, Oscar, Rudy, and Speedy. With special guests D'artagnon and Nina.

Blog Author: Kelly Parker, Stormwater Specialist II

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