On July 6, I posted a blog titled Who Cares Anyway? but I think the real question is What Do We Owe Each Other? Unless you are a philosophy student, you may not have heard of contractualism or T.M. Scanlon's book "What We Owe to Each Other?" Neither had I until I saw The Good Place and Chidi gave... read more

Uprooted tree. Photo courtesy of TLCforTrees.info

In my last blog, I looked at tree conflicts that are above ground. In this blog, I will examine the root system of trees and some of the challenges they often face. A few months ago, I was walking in the woods with my daughter, and we saw a huge tree that was uprooted with the roots fully exposed.... read more

Royalton Farms (Rocky River) Restoration

This past week, Tropical Storm Henri crashed into Rhode Island and socked the Northeast. A record-breaking storm that deposited 17 inches of rain in one day, led to devastating floods and another strong storm took 22 lives in Tennessee. In July and closer to home, people had to be rescued when flooding inundated (and not for the first... read more

Want to find out what's in your stream? Join our Citizen Science Monitoring program and be the first line of defense for a river near you! Volunteers only need to complete one two-hour training workshop and then receive all the necessary materials and instructions to independently monitor on their own schedule - weekends, evenings, whenever works for you!.... read more

On August 9, 2021 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) stating as "unequivocable" and "established fact" that "human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land." This is a departure from previous assessment reports that hedged on the overall influence of human action as it related to climate change. UN Secretary-General... read more


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