Euclid Creek

The Euclid Creek Watershed encompasses 23.3 square miles in northeastern Cuyahoga County and a part of Lake County.  It covers portions of 12 communities, 11 of which are Cuyahoga County communities.  

The Creek includes 40+ miles of stream, 30 miles of which is open channel and 10 miles of which is culverted or buried, as far as 8 miles away from the Creek’s confluence with Lake Erie, our source of drinking water, at Wildwood Park in Cleveland.  

Euclid Creek is a direct headwater tributary to Lake Erie and a part of the Cuyahoga Area of Concern. The watershed has largely been developed over the past 150 years and although nearly 85% developed, the watershed continues to be threatened by development.  Due to the urban nature of the watershed it is characterized by the following impairments: organic enrichment; nutrients; flow alteration; and, habitat degradation.  

Euclid Creek is one of the most densely populated and developed watersheds along the Ohio Lake Erie coastline—which results in poor water quality.  But we have a plan to restore the health of the watershed and it includes you, so contact us to find out how you can help Euclid Creek today!

The Watershed Action Plan process conducted in 2004 and 2005 consisted of four public meetings, numerous meetings with local communities and over 100 community participants were engaged to develop a strategy on restoring, protecting and managing Euclid Creek in the future. This plan has established a blueprint for communities to utilize in their planning for both economic development and conservation. Since 2002, the Euclid Creek Watershed Program has leveraged a total of $3.8 million for restoration projects, education and outreach efforts, plans and staffing necessary to implement the Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan.


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