Euclid Creek

The goals of the Euclid Creek Watershed Council (ECWC) are to promote inter-jurisdictional cooperation in addressing watershed issues in the Euclid Creek watershed, including cooperation with the Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator to implement the Watershed Action Plan for the Euclid Creek.

Background and History
In 2000, 10 municipalities in the Euclid Creek Watershed organized informally, with the assistance of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), to form a Euclid Creek Watershed Council to address common environmental, stormwater, and development concerns in the Watershed.

In 2001, NOACA obtained a grant from the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund to develop a regional stormwater program model for USEPA’s Phase II program and to undertake a demonstration of the use of this model with Euclid Creek communities. Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) served as the watershed coordinator for this demonstration effort.

In 2002, Cuyahoga SWCD obtained a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to continue the Watershed Coordinator role for Euclid Creek. Consistent with the goals of the ODNR Watershed Coordinator Program, the purposes of this agreement were a) to facilitate development of a watershed plan for Euclid Creek, and b) to promote coordinated participation of local units of government in the development of the plan.

Other goals of the Council are to a) encourage broad based-stakeholder involvement in the watershed planning process, and b) to assist the member communities of the Council in complying with the Phase II storm water program.

In 2004, the ECWC established by-laws as an operational organization with governance. The program has since developed a Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan, established an annual public involvement and education program (PIPE) plan, and leveraged over $3.7 million to implement its programs and projects recommended in the Watershed Action Plan.

Euclid Creek Watershed Council:
The Euclid Creek Watershed Council is composed of the mayor of each community that participates in the Council or their official designee. The Watershed Coordinator is also a member of the Council and serves as the Secretary. The ECWC meets three times a year.

  • Chair: Laura Travers, City of Euclid
  • Vice Chair: Chris Vild, City of Beachwood
  • Secretary: Kate Chapel, Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator

Watershed Council Committees:
Public Involvement & Public Education Committee (PIPE)
Role: To provide and plan outreach materials and activities to promote and educate residents on Euclid Creek and its stewardship.

Technical Committee
Role: To provide and plan strategy to implement the Watershed Action Plan, TMDL and NPDES Phase II requirements on a watershed-wide collaborative basis.


2023 Meetings

November 13 hoted by Cleveland - Agenda - Meeting Slides - Minutes
July 10 hosted by Euclid - Agenda - Meeting Slides - Minutes
March 13 hosted by Richmond Heights - Agenda - Meeting Slides - Minutes

2022 Meetings
November 14 hosted by Beachwood - Agenda - Meeting Slides - Minutes
September 13 hosted by South Euclid - Agenda - Work Plan Update - Meeting Slides - Minutes
June 15 hosted by Lyndhurst - Agenda - Work Plan Update Minutes

2021 Meetings
December 1 Virtual Meeting - Agenda - Work Plan Update - PIPE Work Plan Update - Minutes - Meeting Slides - Meeting Recording
April 15 Virtual Meeting - Agenda - Work Plan - PIPE Work Plan Work Plan Update - PIPE Work Plan Update - Meeting Recording - Draft Minutes 

2020 Meetings
January Virtual Summit - Recording
October 8 Virtual Meeting - Agenda - Work Plan Update - PIPE Work Plan Update - Meeting Recording - Draft Minutes - Presentation
April 9 Virtual Meeting - Agenda - Minutes - Work Plan Update - Meeting Recording

For meeting information prior to 2020, contact the Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator at 216-524-6580 x1002.


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