Community Riparian and Wetland Guidance

This booklet provides information about wetlands and riparian areas and guidance to help community leaders protect these sensitive areas through community ordinances. (PDF - 3,404 KB)

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Conservation Easements - Leave It Natural

Information on the benefits of conserving property via conservation easment.

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Cuyahoga County Wetlands Inventory and Report

Cuyhaoga SWCD hired Davey Resource Group in 2006 to conduct an inventory of wetlands in Cuyahoga County. With assistance from Davey Resource Group, the remaining wetlands were mapped. This information is useful for communities, and a tool to help protect the last remaining wetlands in the county. The following information is a Cuyahoga countywide map and the full report in .pdf format for you to download.

Green Yards Healthy Homes booklet

Green Yards and Healthy Homes - A Guide to Sustainable Habitats in Northeast Ohio, Produced by the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

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Illegal Dumping - Identifying and Taking Action

If you suspect an illegal dumping incident either in a waterway or see evidence of a spill around a storm drain, read more about identifying illegal dumping and find out who to call if you see something concerning.

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Improper Drainage: A Homeowner's Nightmare

The purpose of this report is to provide homewners insight on problems associated with improper drainage.

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Life at the Water's Edge

A Guide to Living in Hamrony with Your Backyard Stream

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Native Plants for the Small Yard

Protecting Our Streams & Wetlands - A Resident's Guide to Community Policies

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Rain Garden Manual

This how-to manual provides step by step instructions for building a rain garden and includes a list of native plants.

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